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University Computing Account Terms and Conditions

  1. Use of Services
    1. All use of University of Southampton computing resources and facilities is subject to the University's Regulations for the Use of Computers, and Voice and Data Communications Networks. For iSolutions the responsible computer management is the Director of iSolutions or his/her nominee.
    2. Use of University computing facilities is open to all members of the University, subject to authorization by the member's Head of Department, and to other persons only when authorised by the Director of iSolutions. In this context `members of the University' encompasses all staff (including those holding honorary appointments), students and accredited visitors.
    3. Use of facilities for all users is subject to operational conditions as specified by the Director of iSolutions.
    4. Unless the Director of iSolutions has previously given his/her consent in writing the use of the services shall be confined solely for University purposes connected with teaching, research or administrative activities.
    5. Research activities shall, for the purposes of these regulations, include research work paid for by an outside organisation, authorised consultancy work or other commercial activities undertaken by members of the University for which the University has, with the agreement of the academic department concerned, entered into a formal contract with that organisation.
  2. Liability
    iSolutions will hold the sponsoring department responsible for any charges which arise from the use made of its services or facilities by that department's users.
  3. Charges
    The University may, from time to time, charge for the use of some or all of the University computing facilities under terms and conditions approved by Computing Services Committee. Where charges apply, all users must pay such charges unless specifically exempted by the Director of iSolutions.
  4. Use of Equipment and Materials
    No equipment or other property may be removed from areas under the control of the Director of iSolutions without his/her permission. Books, manuals and other materials marked FOR REFERENCE ONLY must not be removed from the rooms in which they are placed. Users are responsible for any equipment or documents on loan to them from iSolutions and may be required to pay the value of any such equipment or documents which are stolen, lost or damaged.
  5. Confidentiality
    Every person using University computing facilities shall ensure that confidential and proprietary information is not divulged to any third party, and shall observe the instructions issued by or on behalf of the Director of iSolutions relating to the ways in which such information may be used. In particular, confidential or proprietary information shall not be copied, modified or disseminated without the written permission of the Director. Any user failing to comply with this regulation will be held liable by the University for any claim for damages arising thereby from third parties.
  6. Conditions of Use of Data and Voice Networks
    1. Departments may only connect devices or installations to a network faceplate which have been approved by iSolutions as having no deleterious impact on the network integrity or undue effect on network performance.
    2. Members of the University are not permitted to interfere with any element of the trunking, cabling, network equipment, or office face plate of the data or voice networks without the expressed agreement of the Director of iSolutions. iSolutions will disconnect and isolate any departmental connection found to be so abused. A re-connection charge may be levied in such cases. Damage to the networking infrastructure may be subject to reinstatement charges.
  7. General
    1. Users may not enter any area designated as restricted access unless permitted by a senior officer in iSolutions and accompanied by a member of Computing Services staff.
    2. Smoking is prohibited in all iSolutions premises.

December 2010